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Draft solar energy Policy for public comments


Drafted by Goa Energy Development Agency (GEDA)

for the approval by the Govt. of Goa


Solar energy is the most secure of all energy sources.  It is abundantly available. It can be easily converted into electrical energy. Production of electrical power and its easy availability at affordable rates is an established benchmark of development. No major economic activity can be sustained without adequate and reliable sources of power. The challenges of Climate Change and Global Warming resulting from burning of fossil fuels are continuously threatening the world community. Renewable Power generation including Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Thermal (ST) power / steam / hot water generation offer an environmentally safe and sustainable alternatives.

Goa is richly endowed with natural renewable resources for generating electricity with moderate climate and bright sunshine for almost 270 days in a year. In view of the fact the State of Goa does not generate its own electricity, excepting under private initiative where power is produced based on use of fossil fuel, the challenge before the State Government is not only to meet the ever growing demand for power but also to progressively increase the share of renewable sources in the energy – mix so as to achieve overall energy security and also to meet the Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO). It can be done by promoting the systematic tapping of the solar energy potential to the maximum. It is expected that in near future the solar PV, Solar thermal and Solar PV+ Wind hybrid systems will be set up by both the State Government, Institutions, Agencies and Private Entrepreneurs/ Institutions for the captive consumption as well as for export.

An appropriate policy framework is therefore essential to promote these renewable energy generation initiatives. Therefore, the State Government is pleased to introduce the Solar and Renewable Energy Policy (Goa) -2014”, as under:

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